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Here is a partial list of companies that have been using KeyNote Consulting.

  • BMW Rosslyn, South Africa
  • BMW Spartanburg, SC, USA 
  • BMW Oxford, UK
  • Ferro
  • Sealed Air 
  • Oncology Metrics 

  • Here's what KeyNote Consulting clients are saying...

     "I heard from .. that you “Wowed” the group last week with the whiteboard process…no surprise but way to get them excited"

    -- MR, Business Development Director. 


    "...I thoroughly enjoyed the Whiteboard discussion you facilitated." 

    -- SL, Global Account Manager.  


    "I want to thank you for being so instrumental in the success of the kickoff meeting. Without your presence the first two days we would have never come up with a solution but would still be debating. Thank you for showing leadership and helping me realize how I need to control a meeting better, I am grateful."

    -- BH, Contract Manager.  


     “Our project would not have been a success without you. Everyone agrees to that. You were able to bring some fair-minded and logical thought to those crazy days.”


    “You are definitely a genius to say the least so your services will be much relished in the Upstate and beyond. “



    “You truly are wonderful, intelligent and a beautifully strong women with, most importantly, a great sense of humor.  I can only say, I will miss your presenceand  you have left an impeccable impression on me. “



    “…. your method of keeping people moving in an upward direction has been very helpful.”



    “It has indeed been a wonderful experience to meet such a warm person with the commitment and sincerity that you possess. “



    “Your energy and personality has certainly turned what is normally a boring topic, into something fun and exciting. Only you could have made this happen. “



    “Our few times together were 100% positive and enriching for me.”



    “It was great working with you, your energy and fun spirit just made that dry topic of ARIS a lot more fun to learn!”



    “I cannot attempt to put into words how much I appreciate your mentoring over the years.  You are an amazing woman, and one that I consider a role model for myself and others!